There is a countless number of people suffering from pain, which besides that suffering has also a negative impact on the quality of life. So the question is what to do about this nagging pain that just never goes away. What is the medical solution for pain? You go and see a doctor and he will subscribe to some pain-killing medication, which is not a cure, it just takes away the symptom. The most common complaints doctors hear from patients is pain-related. The medical profession very seldom is able to assess and treat pain except with the only option of offering dangerous painkillers.

Prescription pain pills have a track record of causing serious health complications and even death if taken over a long time. Studies have shown that long-term and a strong dosage of products like naproxen, ibuprofen, and aspirin can have side effects including liver and kidney damage, ulcers, increased heart attack risk, and these are just some of them. There is not much available in pain management. People who suffer severe pain are effectively convinced that their only option is to take a dangerous painkilling medication for as long as it takes. Not so long ago a painkiller Vioxx being approved as safe by the authorities, which over time claimed thousands of lives before being removed from the market. Or more politely put a voluntary withdrawal from the market due to safety.

There are many dark sides to pain-killing medications and we will never know the full consequences of them. One of the most common and pain-related illnesses is inflammation. Signs include joint pain, lower back pain, swelling, heat, etc. Arthritis-related conditions are mainly disorders of the muscles and joints that cause pain and stiffness in the arms, neck, and shoulders. For children and teens, it is not uncommon for heat-related illness and pain. Heat cramps is a heat-related illness that consists of painful muscles. Heat exhaustion is often more severe than heat cramps; this is often the case with strong sports activities and over exhaustion.

Marijuana is already legalized in some places. This type of drug is becoming more popular as time goes on. The marijuana plant has chemicals that can help to treat a range of illnesses. It is already being used to decrease pain, inflammation, and many muscle problems.

It has been used very successfully for the treatment of epileptic seizures with great relief for so many sufferers. Medical marijuana overall has shown to have many health benefits. According to surveys and research, marijuana is less dangerous and not as addictive as many other prescription drugs on the market.

To reduce pain with carotenoids: Dark green vegetables, such as spinach, kale, mustard greens, turnip, squash, carrots, sweet potato, just to mention some. As well to use strong antioxidants such as astaxanthin is a natural carotenoid that is a potent inflammation and pain fighter. Increase the intake of astaxanthin as in salmon, red trout, red sea bream, lobster, shrimp, crab; these are just some to choose from. Antarctic krill oil: The omega 3 fats found in krill oil are extremely effective at combating joint pain and inflammation. Omega 3 from krill oil absorbs faster than those found in fish oil and is by far more potent.

Natural pain solutions can really work. There are constant remarkable discoveries about natural ways to lessen or reduce pain. This goes far beyond what any other prescription pain-killer drug can do. With natural pain solutions, there are no negative side effects, with the exception that they will take longer to feel any effect than painkillers. Because there is no immediate improvement people think of whatever changes been made they don’t work or are ineffective and give up.

Yes, the natural healing process takes longer, like a cut on a finger or hand will take its time and healed by the body. Healing time for pain is similar; it becomes a healing process, unlike painkillers which only suppress the symptom but do not heal the core problem. There are people becoming aware of the health risks of medication for pain, and pain-killer pills. Pain is sometimes impossible to tolerate and we seeking to relive it as quickly as possible with a pill.

As a short-term solution, there is not much harm done but we know the most pain will persist, therefore it is most crucial to change to an alternative solution for a proper healing process.

I personally live with several back issues,  am on disability due to my back injury so I know what it means to live with chronic pain, insomnia,  fatigue, seems one symptom leads to another LoL!

Using CBD has changed my life, am no longer on any opiates, and my
pain levels are much better  from an 8 to pain level 12 to a pretty
consistent pain level 2 to 5 during my daily activities!

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